sleeping in and living loud

Earlier yesterday (the days blend together for me now), I was researching for a paper I have to have written by tomorrow. While I was studying it struck me that I was listening to a whole cacophony of sounds. I had hardcore blaring (Zao). Down the hall to my right was another song playing and Alan was blazing away at Unreal Tournament as usual. Down the hall to my left was yet more music (country I think). All together I was listening to three songs and the sounds of a raging online battle. And, yes, I was studying. Actually, I got quite a bit done. At the time, it just seemed rather odd, almost silly, the amount of noise that was flowing through my dorm. In the halls, it was just a broth of tones with few discernable ingredients. How conducive was this to the pursuit of knowledge? Am I not at a place of learning? Ah, yes, it was a Saturday. Saturdays are for sleeping in and living loud.

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