life on 5th

Life in Hill Hall is great, especially on the Fifth Floor. My floor has three wings which branch out from a center triangle. The halls are well lit and clean. I don’t think our floor has a distinctly bad smell. We are all fairly clean, and everybody’s room is in decent order at least. In fact, Dan and my room at one point smelled postively wonderful thanks to Glade plug-ins and a spray of some sort. Smelled like apples mixed with a nice potpourri. It was very pleasant to come into a room with a good odor.

The guys on my wing are great guys. I’m so glad none of them turned out to be pricks or total snots. We’re like a family almost, I’d say. Of course, there is the regular brotherly banter and put-downs. Current comebacks include “your mom”, “putz”, or “fag”. It’s great stuff. We shout out songs (the song of choice today is The Sweater Song by Weezer). Computer games are the main form of entertainment. TVs are VCRs are rare. Our floor loves gaming. Half-life is the top choice for blowing each other apart. I tell you, there is nothing like turning your roomate into a casserole spread all over an arena. There has been a shift to strategy of recent times. Age of Empires 2 is dominant now, much to my chagrine. I liked the days when the shotgun ruled the virtual realm instead of armies of poorly armed soldiers.

We often have dinner together in the brand new Gwinn Cafeteria. Tonight, we ate all of Fluger’s food while he was away getting something. Gwinn Football is a entertaining pastime. The object is to get a member of the opposite gender at a different table to smile at you without saying a word. I met the Ice Queen one night. I don’t want to think about that again.

Sleep is a very precious commodity (up there with laundry quarters). We have two insomniacs on my wing, and I think I’m turning into one. Average bedtime is 3 a.m. I don’t get tired anymore until 2 in the morning. The night is still young at midnight. Trips to 24 hour diners has become a common practice. Minnie’s and Denny’s are the favorites. 7-11 is great for midnight Slurpee runs.

Conversations are fun. Just imagine the topics 15 guys can cook up. Actually, you probably shouldn’t.

All of these shenanigans does not mean that we are a floor of immature clowns. We are serious when we have to be. Most everybody is doing well in classes. Jeremy still stays up all nights most nights. My roomate also pulls all-nighters for no apparent reason. Our floor has a large percentage of guys employed by the school, so we are hard workers. I’ve become somewhat of a shift filler for those who want breaks down at Subway. I’ve picked up a lot of extra hours.

Our floor also has some men of great character. I can think of at least a dozen guys who are amazing when it comes to character, integrity, and love for God. Surely, they are an encouragement to me.

I love it here at 5th Hill.

sleep is for the weak

We have a rather insane sleep schedule on my wing of my floor. Jeremy the other day slept from 4 am to 6 pm. The poor guy stays up all night doing homework for classes he never attends. He wants to get caught up this weekend and get back on a regular sleep schedule. I hope he does.

Last night I stayed up until 4 in the morning just talking with several guys on my floor. I think I’ve thoroughly screwed up my sleep schedule. I’m not even tired at 2 any more. This is not a good thing, eventually it will bite me back. Luckily my roommate and I have pretty much the same sleep habits. However, he gets to sleep in more often than I do because he doesn’t have the work schedule that I have. I only have Saturdays to sleep in. This is not a good thing.

A word of warning: Pez is addictive.

My advice for the day: Girls are nothing but trouble. Guys, write that down.

sleeping in and living loud

Earlier yesterday (the days blend together for me now), I was researching for a paper I have to have written by tomorrow. While I was studying it struck me that I was listening to a whole cacophony of sounds. I had hardcore blaring (Zao). Down the hall to my right was another song playing and Alan was blazing away at Unreal Tournament as usual. Down the hall to my left was yet more music (country I think). All together I was listening to three songs and the sounds of a raging online battle. And, yes, I was studying. Actually, I got quite a bit done. At the time, it just seemed rather odd, almost silly, the amount of noise that was flowing through my dorm. In the halls, it was just a broth of tones with few discernable ingredients. How conducive was this to the pursuit of knowledge? Am I not at a place of learning? Ah, yes, it was a Saturday. Saturdays are for sleeping in and living loud.

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