life continues

Well, I’m back from Christmas Break. The break was good. I worked a lot and watched too many movies. One night at Kirsten’s, we watched four and a half movies. We were there until almost 7 in the morning. It was cool though becuase I got to hang out with some people that I haven’t seen in a long while.

I feel very fortunate that most of my close friends did not go downhill at college. Most have grown by leaps and bounds. I was very encouraged to see them again.

Well, this Friday wraps up the first week of school. I enjoy all of my classes and I’m very excited about them. I will be taking a arts and culture class (required), Faith & Philosophy, and Human Nutrition. The only bad thing about my classes is that they are all rather big. My Human Nutrition class has 80 people. My other two classes have over forty.

One thing that is weird about the campus is that it seems that it is much quieter. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on. I think this is due to a combination of things: school just started, studies are a higher priority, tiredness, and people are starting to fit into more distinct cliques. I find it interesting.

WWF Night ’99

Last night was most fun. My floor had WWF night! Now before you groan in disgust (actually you probably already have), let me explain it. No, we did not all gather around a T.V. watching sweaty men on steroids slap each other while yelling macho platitudes. Instead, we became the sweaty guys slapping each other and yelling macho platitudes. Nobody was on steriods, except one guy who occasionally uses it; however, there were some pretty heavy and well-muscled men there. So, what we did was gather up about 25 mattresses and padded our lounge. Now, we had a nice, bouncy cell in which to throw each other around. Next came the loud, agressive music that totally put us out of our civil minds and into a more bestial state. Then came the grappling, the pounding, the body slamming, the blood, the screams, the yells, the smells, the heat.

The first fight went well, with Vega (Reuben) going against El Masquero. The fight was entertaining and quite one-sided (El Masquero was a trained wrestler). The second fight was even better: Brock put some blood on the mattresses and the fight was called. The third fight was me, the Wussinator, versus The Great Pumpkin (Jon Wesche). Before the fight, I was guarding a corner so nobody would impale themselves on it, but suddenly a yell was heard outside and The Great Pumpkin burst in! The Great Pumpkin had arrived! Clad in a white t-shirt emblazoned with his name and a pumpkin on his head, Wesche called for me to challenge him. Wesche is a big guy, a football player, and has almost a hundred pounds on me. But the Wussinator rose to meet the challenger! Insolent scum! In typical fashion, I ripped off my shirt and assumed the praying mantis stance letting loose with my sonic assault of high piched squeeks. TGP and I grappled long and hard. I spanked him a good many times, and he crammed his pumpkin on my head. I never really had the upper hand and I never really had a chance, but the Wussinator will not live up to his name! He is not a wuss! Eventually, though, TGP pinned me, and I nearly suffocated in his beefy belly. I lasted longer than I thought I would.

More fights ensued. Another notable round was when Big Dave and The Insane Gwinn Worker (Fluger) went at it. Big Dave is 290 and TIGW is 280. These were big guys. Big Dave was a football player and TIGW was a brawler in his high school days. The fight had two body slams that were quite floor shaking. However, Big Dave prevailed in the end.

Several times a Royal Rumble broke out and ten guys all piled in at once. The final Rumble saw about 20 guys having it out in the pit, and ended with a dog pile with me almost on the bottom. However, do to noise complaints we were forced to stop after 45 minutes of wrestle mania mayhem.

It had been fun, but people had work to do and tests to study for. The mattresses were packed away and the fighters washed their wounds (the sweat and smells too) nursing their grudges for the next WWF night. . .the night to get even. The only complaint is that the man filming did a pretty poor job of capturing the good moments. That always happens.


phantom sleep

Last night I stayed up until about seven I think. I can’t really remember. Just chillin’ wit my homies. There’s a guy on my floor called John Wesche who can really tell a story. He has the coolest sound effects and great little idiomatic phrases that just bring his topics to life. I actually enjoyed listening to him and another guy carry on for nearly two hours about football. Now, football really ain’t my thing, and I didn’t understand half of what John was talking about; but, man, he is so cool when it comes to stories, I just sat and listened, throwing away precious, beautiful hours of sleep. Oh well. I thought it was a fair exchange. We talk about the craziest stuff.

Today, I got my biggest paycheck ever from the university. Mucho grande by my standards. I will be running into town with Dan (if he wakes up from his nap), to cash some checks and go to the Tooth and Nail Store. It’s always cool bussing into town and watching all the various denizens of Seattle interact with each other. I hope I don’t spend too much money while I’m in town though. I’m saving up for something, but I really don’t know what. Something big? Right now, my main problem is cash. I have quite a bit stashed in the bank, but nothing on hand. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because it limits how much I can easily spend, and it’s bad thing because I always need somebody to spot me on the late night Denny’s runs.

Christmas break is less than a month away. It seems so close suddenly. Not that I’m complaining. It will be nice to go back up to Alaska and visit the ole’ family. I’ll be able to hang out with my way cool little brother, and mooch off of my ever so loving parents (thanks Mom and Dad, you rock). I’ll also be able to see friends that I haven’t seen in too long of a time. I have some catch up to do with my high school buddies.

Tip of the day: Don’t got to Denny’s on a Saturday night; it is very busy.

Les Mis ’99

The other day I went to Les Miserables the musical. I thought it was interesting. I think it is strange having a play where all the dialogue is contained in song. Actually, I find it annoying and unnatural. However, the play kept me interested and in the end I thought it was worth the bucks I shelled out. The visuals in the production, in my opinion, were stunning at times. The way the lighting and stage was used was excellent and carried the plot of the play well. I especially liked the sewer scene, where Jean Valjean was escaping with Marius. The lights were coming down through grates to give the illusion that they were actually in the sewer. If this production comes to your town, I recommend you go see it. Get cultured.

On another note: my roomate is so stupid. He stayed up all night two nights in a row for no reason. The first night I stayed up with him as well, but I had enough sense to get some sleep the next night. Last night, when he finally went to bed, he slept from 1 to 3:30 in the afternoon. I’m glad he finally got sleep. I didn’t want to have to force him to get sleep. Another guy on the floor, Brock, stayed up both nights as well. What a nut.

Tip of the day: Lift with the knees.

Quote of the day: “Whoa, I’m suffering from hottie overload!”

The other night I went to a concert with Drew and Jill. The bands were The Juliana Theory, The Stereo, Nobstreater, and Kill Sadie. It was awesome. Club Impact in Tacoma was rockin’. Kill Sadie kicked it off with their set. Saw some wild stage antics and some intense music (a lot like Frodus for those of you who know). Nobstreater was next. They were just weird. Interesting technical chaos for sure. The Stereo got up and gave a rockin’ set. Rocked my socks off; I was so impressed I bought their album “Three Hundred” on Ramen Records. Everybody should at least check it out if not buy it. It’s a lot like old school rock, but with a modern, fresh twist. The final set was the headlining band, The Juliana Theory. A very cool emo band from PA. Bum thing was that their set was plauged by really bad technical problems. Monitors weren’t working for the drummer, during one song they lost power on half the amps, and the vocals were never really heard. I was not pleased with this. Their act would have been very very very cool if it wasn’t for the problems. Oh well. The Juliana Theory rocks on their album “Understand This is a Dream” on Tooth and Nail Records. Buy it.

Tonight I’m staying up pretty much all night. I don’t really have a reason to. It is past 5:30 in the morning, and I’m just starting to get tired. Not cool. The other day I went to sleep at 2 in the afternoon for a nap. I woke up when it was dark out. It was just strange. Dan is staying up all night to. We’re so screwed up. I’m going to be hurting later today. Naps are going to be the order of the day after classes. Luckily, I won’t have to do anything from 3 to 7 tomorrow. That’s four solid hours. Yeehaw! I close tonight too. That means I won’t be able to get to bed until later tomorrow morning. I love college.

I wish I could tell you more about tonight, but I probably shouldn’t. Peace out.

life on 5th

Life in Hill Hall is great, especially on the Fifth Floor. My floor has three wings which branch out from a center triangle. The halls are well lit and clean. I don’t think our floor has a distinctly bad smell. We are all fairly clean, and everybody’s room is in decent order at least. In fact, Dan and my room at one point smelled postively wonderful thanks to Glade plug-ins and a spray of some sort. Smelled like apples mixed with a nice potpourri. It was very pleasant to come into a room with a good odor.

The guys on my wing are great guys. I’m so glad none of them turned out to be pricks or total snots. We’re like a family almost, I’d say. Of course, there is the regular brotherly banter and put-downs. Current comebacks include “your mom”, “putz”, or “fag”. It’s great stuff. We shout out songs (the song of choice today is The Sweater Song by Weezer). Computer games are the main form of entertainment. TVs are VCRs are rare. Our floor loves gaming. Half-life is the top choice for blowing each other apart. I tell you, there is nothing like turning your roomate into a casserole spread all over an arena. There has been a shift to strategy of recent times. Age of Empires 2 is dominant now, much to my chagrine. I liked the days when the shotgun ruled the virtual realm instead of armies of poorly armed soldiers.

We often have dinner together in the brand new Gwinn Cafeteria. Tonight, we ate all of Fluger’s food while he was away getting something. Gwinn Football is a entertaining pastime. The object is to get a member of the opposite gender at a different table to smile at you without saying a word. I met the Ice Queen one night. I don’t want to think about that again.

Sleep is a very precious commodity (up there with laundry quarters). We have two insomniacs on my wing, and I think I’m turning into one. Average bedtime is 3 a.m. I don’t get tired anymore until 2 in the morning. The night is still young at midnight. Trips to 24 hour diners has become a common practice. Minnie’s and Denny’s are the favorites. 7-11 is great for midnight Slurpee runs.

Conversations are fun. Just imagine the topics 15 guys can cook up. Actually, you probably shouldn’t.

All of these shenanigans does not mean that we are a floor of immature clowns. We are serious when we have to be. Most everybody is doing well in classes. Jeremy still stays up all nights most nights. My roomate also pulls all-nighters for no apparent reason. Our floor has a large percentage of guys employed by the school, so we are hard workers. I’ve become somewhat of a shift filler for those who want breaks down at Subway. I’ve picked up a lot of extra hours.

Our floor also has some men of great character. I can think of at least a dozen guys who are amazing when it comes to character, integrity, and love for God. Surely, they are an encouragement to me.

I love it here at 5th Hill.

sleep is for the weak

We have a rather insane sleep schedule on my wing of my floor. Jeremy the other day slept from 4 am to 6 pm. The poor guy stays up all night doing homework for classes he never attends. He wants to get caught up this weekend and get back on a regular sleep schedule. I hope he does.

Last night I stayed up until 4 in the morning just talking with several guys on my floor. I think I’ve thoroughly screwed up my sleep schedule. I’m not even tired at 2 any more. This is not a good thing, eventually it will bite me back. Luckily my roommate and I have pretty much the same sleep habits. However, he gets to sleep in more often than I do because he doesn’t have the work schedule that I have. I only have Saturdays to sleep in. This is not a good thing.

A word of warning: Pez is addictive.

My advice for the day: Girls are nothing but trouble. Guys, write that down.

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