Hoping to kinda resurrect my blog here even if it’s just a place where I post pictures and small snippets of text.

Moved the hosting to, so that I don’t have to mess with having to keep a wordpress installation up to date (hackers got me a while back when I didn’t), plus a bunch of other nice features like a well done mobile site, free hosting, and a bunch of easy to use add ons.

…and it’s back

Comment spammers hit my site so hard last Friday that my hosting provider was forced to lock permissions to my blog so as to limit the effect on other sites and services. Think I got things figured out, though I had to turn off all trackbacks (anybody actually use those anymore?). Thank you, spammers.

I also upgraded to WordPress 2.3.3 to get some new features and enhanced security. moving!

My current web hosting company is shutting down, so I’m in the process of moving to a new host. This will probably involve some downtime and inaccessibility especially as my domains are rerouted and I transfer the databases. Seeing as I’m not posting too much these days, there will probably not be very much disruption of normal activity. I hope to have a new home by early next week.

Minor tweakage

I felt productive today, so I decided to channel all of that productivity into this blog, and now I’m spent.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4 painlessly. It has some “security fixes” which I’m hoping will choke off the last bit of comment spam that is trickling through my impressive barriers.

I finally got my links integrated into the blog. You’ll find them on the right side bar. I think I’ll start using a whole lot more now.

I’ve also made some minor cosmetic tweaks. Nothing spectacular though.

Bustin’ blogs

I’m upgrading WordPress to a cute little point release in the hopes that some “security fixes” will plug the holes the comment spammers are sneaking through. Meanwhile. . .lots of things are broken . . .

Comment spamination

Comment spammers are back and in full force. I thought I had this problem pretty much under control, but I guess I don’t. I’m going to break comments for the time being. I’m sick of seeing 350+ comment spams a day. I’m also going to seriously look into allowing only registered users to post a comment. I don’t want to do this, but every method of spam prevention I’ve tried has failed miserably.

Upgrading to WP 2.0

WordPress 2.0 is out. I’m in the process of upgrading to it so things might get a little whacky along with some functions breaking.

It seems most everything is back to normal. I need to add smilies and fix the poison picker. It’s all busted and stupid right now.

Comments update

I’ve added a very simple feature to comments that should help me eliminate comment spam. You’ll know what to do when you see it. It is sensitive to capital letters. I’ll be adding a more clever question soon.

UPDATE: Well, that feature did exactly nothing to stem the tide of spam.

Don’t call me Francis

For the life of me, I cannot come up with a good name for this blog. A good name is important. Indeed, a good name has been called the “jewel of the soul.” I’m tempted to go with one that Greg came up with (Grin and Barnett), but something is holding me back. Pretty much everything else I think of is either hackneyed, depressing, emo, or pretentious. Harumph.