So dear

to my heart.

This comic resonates with me so often. I actually did stuff like this when I was younger. I planned out the ultimate “fort” for me to run away to when I was younger and wanted to be alone. In my mind, it was so awesome, but I never was able to fulfill my dream. Ah, such is life.

Some men were meant to be superheros

I sit in a cubicle 8+ hours a day M-F. That’s my job. I sit there and work with amazingly cool spreadsheets and interesting emails and fascinating web sites and high-tech cellphones. However, some others aren’t so lucky as me. Some others do something so boring as row across the Atlantic Ocean. Think about it, what’s a better story to tell your grandkids: the story that starts, “So one Monday I opened this large Excel spreadsheet and used it to track my workload for all of quarter 3 ’06” or the story that starts, “So one Monday I started rowing across the whole damn ocean.”? Yeah, that’s right. I feel sorry for those poor schmucks too.

In an effort to thinly tie myself to somebody famous, I want to let everybody know I had Christmas dinner with Greg Spooner, who is on this team of crazy individuals. I remember him being a real cool dude.

Be sure to check out their blog and track their progress (green line).

Are you a genius?

I already know I am, and I’m not even done with this test (my boss gave me the link! honest!). I’ve gotten 24 25 26 of them so far in between tasks at work. I’ll stop at the end of the work day. Take a crack at it. Remember, you only need 19 to be a genius!

UPDATE: I’ve figured out another 4 and was told the answer to one more. So I know the answers to 31 of them. I’m a little disappointed that some of these last ones aren’t that clever or interesting. One of them I completely guessed on, and it ended up being this obscure fact. So, far 33 is my favorite by far.

I will look up the remaining 2 answers Monday morning. I just really hope the answers make me say “Yeah, I wouldn’t have gotten that” instead of “Doh! I should have known!”

I had a lot of feedback not in the comments about this test. A lot of people said they really liked it. So, I’m working on set of puzzles on my own. Maybe I’ll post them if I feel they’re good enough.

UPDATE: Well, it was a split. Sorta. One I probably would have been able to get eventually. The other I actually guessed half of but gave up on it because I didn’t know enough of the appropriate parlance. If only I was more informed about a certain pastime . . . Anyway, I’m still a genius.