So dear

to my heart.

This comic resonates with me so often. I actually did stuff like this when I was younger. I planned out the ultimate “fort” for me to run away to when I was younger and wanted to be alone. In my mind, it was so awesome, but I never was able to fulfill my dream. Ah, such is life.

Some men were meant to be superheros

I sit in a cubicle 8+ hours a day M-F. That’s my job. I sit there and work with amazingly cool spreadsheets and interesting emails and fascinating web sites and high-tech cellphones. However, some others aren’t so lucky as me. Some others do something so boring as row across the Atlantic Ocean. Think about it, what’s a better story to tell your grandkids: the story that starts, “So one Monday I opened this large Excel spreadsheet and used it to track my workload for all of quarter 3 ’06” or the story that starts, “So one Monday I started rowing across the whole damn ocean.”? Yeah, that’s right. I feel sorry for those poor schmucks too.

In an effort to thinly tie myself to somebody famous, I want to let everybody know I had Christmas dinner with Greg Spooner, who is on this team of crazy individuals. I remember him being a real cool dude.

Be sure to check out their blog and track their progress (green line).