Putting on the thinking cap and removing the blinders

To read something like this gives me joy and hope for our political process. A self-described “brain-dead liberal” confesses his change in views, embracing a less polemical view of the world (and I’d say much more realistic). It is refreshing, honest, and thought-provoking. Even though I’m sure the author and I would disagree on many things, at least we’d both agree that everything is not “magically wrong” and the government is often not the answer. I especially appreciated his last point. The people we meet in our every day lives, regardless of political persuasions, are the ones with whom we live and on who we depend. Happy election season indeed!

An uncivil war brewing?

I’m not so keenly interested in politics these days. Not much has changed since 2004. I have to admit though the battle royale between H. Clinton and B. Obama is fairly interesting to watch. And now with Mrs. Clinton winning both Ohio and Texas, it may have put her back in the game. I hope they take it to the convention just so this election season isn’t brutally boring and annoying.

It’s weird to say it, but I think I’m cheering for Mrs. Clinton. There’s something about Mr. Obama that I find vaguely scary. I think it’s the mass hysteria he has seemed to generate because of his considerable charisma. Mr. Obama reminds me of that old Dr. Seuss story about the pale green pants with nobody inside them chasing a poor kid through the woods at night, which I found very creepy when I was young. Mr. Obama is the pale green suit with nothing inside it, chasing after the voters of the US. Of course, at the end of Dr. Seuss’s story the pale green pants and the kid become friends. I’m not so convinced Mr. Obama and the electorate will have such a happy ending.