Day 7 on Aconcagua

Hard to believe it’s been only a week as it feels like longer. Probably because I never sleep that well. Frankly that’s the hardest part for me (aside from missing my wife). I sorely miss a good solid night of sleep.

Today is our last rest day, and tomorrow we begin our summit attempt. The window on the 13th has been slammed shut by high winds, so even though we will start up it looks like our only chance to summit is the 15th or 16th, which means we will spend at least one extra night up at Camp 2 or 3. Of course weather can change. It is doubly frustrating because over the past week of acclimatization the weather has been uncommonly good. Now that we are about to star, the weather gets bad long enough to potentially block our summiting.

Still could be worse: this morning a member of the French party fell within 5 minutes of starting up, dislocated his shoulder, and had to be medi-vacced to Mendoza.

I am getting tired of this though, and I want to get off the mountain as quickly as possible. I’m tired of poor sleep. I’m tired of being dirty. I’m tired of sleeping in a sleeping bag. I’m tired of the dust. I’m tired of peeing in a bottle at night. I’m tired of being away from home and my wife.

I will be glad to get away from Plaza de Mulas tomorrow and have finally started what we came to do: stand on top of Aconcagua!

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