Day 4 on Aconcagua

Today is our rest day. Since it is very cold up here in Plaza de Mulas until the sun comes up, we didn’t have breakfast until after 9. I had cocoa puffs.

After breakfast we took a short excursion hike to the base of a nearby glacier. There we could see the majority of our path up Aconcagua. It is immense. I don’t know how it’s going to be. We will be covering relatively short distances each day, but each day we will be ascending higher and higher while carrying loads. After 5000m, the body processes start changing which will test our endurance even more: harder to sleep, poor digestion, lack of appetite.

Right now I feel little of the effects of the altitude. I had a small headache and felt thick headed when I woke up but that disappeared by breakfast.  Sleeping was better last night, but still not that great. If I were to do this again I would bring some Benedryl which would help with the sleep and be safe at the altitude.

Overall I feel great. The weather and views are spectacular, and this rest day was a great time to wash and take it easy. I even got to talk to my wife using the satellite phone. Tomorrow we climb a nearby peak of 5000m (my highest) and then the next day we do our first carry to Camp 1. It’s harder from here on out.

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