Day 3 on Aconcagua

Today we started off with an argument about the tip system the US over breakfast. After that we ascended to base camp, Plaza de Mulas going up about 1000m in about 6.5 hours. The trek was windy (guessing gusts were up to 30 to 35 mph) as we followed the Horcones River. For me the wind made what would have been a hot and boring hike exciting and tolerable. Feeling the wind buffet me and drown out conversation added a degree of adventure. Not sure my companions liked it as much as I did.

Speaking of my companions we are a group of six: myself, Cristian, two Norwegians, a Spaniard, and another American who is the lead guide’s brother. It is a good group.

At night we had a very filling dinner of pasta. Once the sun went down it got cold very fast, so we retreated to our sleeping bags where it was warm.

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