Day 2 on Aconcagua

Today we did an acclimatization hike up to Plaza Francia which offers a stunning view of Aconcagua’s dramatic southern face. The terrain again was very different from my Pacific Northwest hikes. At times it looked like we were trekking across ancient Martian river beds surrounded by peaks of stratified rocks jutting against the sky. We had lunch near the glacier followed by a rest in the sun. The hike down was very windy which kept it cool.

The rest of the day we rested in Confluencia and had our medical checkup to clear us for higher elevation. I had a perfect 120/80 blood pressure.

So far I haven’t had any effects of altitude. That will almost certainly change at base camp tomorrow. How my body reacts to altitude is one of the largest wild cards when it comes to success at summiting.

Several of the guys are worried that we may not get a decent chance to summit. It’s all idle speculation now, and I find it tedious.

Tomorrow the mountain starts.

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