Things I learned on a cruise

For our honeymoon Caewyn and I took a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise of the eastern Caribbean out of Miami on the newly launched Epic. Here are some notes from the cruise.

First, if you do a red eye flight be prepared to sit around the airport until about 10 am because the port doesn’t open until then.

Second, print out all boarding and cruise docs beforehand.

Third, have a swimming suit and sun tan lotion in your carry on bag. That way you can safely lounge in pools and the sun until you get the rest of your luggage delivered to the stateroom.

Fourth, get a room with a balcony. Period.

Fifth, rooms will be cramped so pack as light as possible.

Sixth, in-room entertainment is expensive. Bring your own way of listening to music or watching movies.

Seventh, if somebody is buying drinks for everybody in the pool: get in the pool.

Eighth, say hi to people.

Ninth, you will save a lot of money if you don’t drink alcohol. If you do drink alcohol, try not to think about the cost too often. It will cramp your fun otherwise.

Tenth, be picky about your shore excursions.

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