Denny Creek Trail 5-15-10

Little late posting these, but my buddy Chris and I attempted the Denny Creek trail a couple of weeks ago. Again there was too much snow to make it our destination (Lake Melakwa?). We had a couple of guests his little girl, Flora, and his dog, Porter. It was a beautiful day, so I did get some good pics!

Chris had to be extra careful crossing the creek since he had precious cargo in his back pack. Porter didn’t know what to do at first and wouldn’t cross on the log. I crossed back over and helped him out.

We had a nice break sitting on the rocks in the sun.

Dramatic falls right off the trail. I wandered over to explore these . . .

You can get right up to where the falls are. It was pretty cool to see the creek come out from under the snow pack. This was after I had gone up past the falls in a failed attempt to get up to Hemlock Pass. There was just too much snow and the trail petered out within a mile.

This was about as near as I was going to get to the top of the falls.

Chris, who had gone down ahead of me, had some Rainiers cooling off in the creek when I met up with him again. Good call, Chris!

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