The Ending

“You always talk about the ending.” He gave a serious look and then reached for the pitcher. The ice cubes chimed softly as he poured another glass.
“Yes, well, the end is what matters the most. It’s where the punchline is. It’s where all the emotion is finally wrapped up for better or for worse. The ending tells you whether it was worthwhile and whether it was meaningful.”
“And what about the whole middle part. The journey to the end. Are you saying that’s pointless?”
“No, not at all. The middle is the necessary steps to get to the ending, where the true meaning lies. The middle, the journey can’t be pointless if it’s the necessary steps to get you to the final point. The point that really matters.”
“So are you saying the end justifies the means?”
“No, I wouldn’t say that. I don’t like that idea. I’m skeptical of it.”
They were quiet for a while both lost in thought.
“Yes, I’m skeptical of it. I wouldn’t say the end justifies the means.”
“What about the beginning? The beginning can have a lot of meaning and emotional content too. It’s the fateful first step that starts it all. Without a beginning you can’t have an end.”
“True, but that’s a boring observation to make. It’s like saying you can’t exhale unless you inhale.”
“Fine, but it’s still true.”
“So perhaps I wouldn’t say the end justifies the means, but I may say that the end justifies the beginning.”
“Interesting. Are you sure about that?”
“No, I’m not sure at all. Maybe I just like endings.”
“Fair enough.”
Both sat quietly again watching the daylight fade and felt the heat dissipate from the air.

2 thoughts on “The Ending

  1. Thanks! 🙂

    Yes, I did. I was the yearbook guy. Pretty sure you know who I am (if you haven’t figured it out already). 🙂

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