The Internets has turned on me!

Thanks, Comcast, I’m now a server.

UPDATE (a few minutes later): Okay, so a modem reset fixed the problem:

Lessons learned:
1. Be patient.
2. Reset/restart/reboot.
3. Blame invisible things.

5 thoughts on “The Internets has turned on me!

  1. It seems that every coupla days my modem runs into the same snags. A simple reboot fixes it.

    And yes Owl, cable is this fast at times, though comcast does ‘boost’ the download speed for the first 30 seconds, so a sustained 12mbps is reasonable. 😀 At that speed you can pull down an episode of Lost in about 3 minutes.

  2. Yeah, but I hardly ever see speeds like this in real life. Comcast is pretty zippy, but not nearly 100% of the time. My upload sucks too.

  3. I didn’t even realize that it was the 26th already, which means I missed your birthday! Happy Late Birthday, Steve-O!!!!

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