Sorting through the past, looking to the future

Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve been spending most of the day cleaning up around my apartment. It wasn’t overly messy, but a lot of stuff just had been stacking up over the months. For example, I still get a lot of paper bills and statements. I don’t pay much attention to these because I keep nearly all of my financial interactions restricted to the sphere of the electronic. I’ve found shifting money out of my bank account is much less painful if it’s just clicking cyberbuttons. I’m comfortable with clicking these buttons, and, not to sound like a braggart, but I excel at clicking these buttons. Today I sorted and filed about three months worth of Important Things on Dead Trees. I’m glad I did, because I found two checks I can cash for close to $100. I also found an unused iTunes Music Store gift card. Not bad for a day’s work. Though my joy is a bit tempered because I found one bill and one membership fee I have to pay, which brings it down to a net loss. Perhaps my life would be better if I just let things be.

I’ve been trying to live pretty cheap these days in effort to pay off the loan I took out for that law school debacle. I’ve been pretty successful so far, and I’m optimistic that I will have it paid off by mid-October. I think I could get it paid off even sooner, like the end of August, but that would mean I’d have to live even more frugally and delay a vacation I’d like to take sometime in the next three months. With my loan paid off, I can start planning for the future rather than just digging myself out of the past. I aim to invest significantly in 2008 with the intention of having investments assume my primary financial focus rather than a house or condo. I have no faith in the housing market right now, I don’t want to be tied down to real estate, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have the maturity and patience to actually take care of a house. Besides, a one bedroom apartment is sufficient to remind me of how single my life is; a half-populated house would weigh far too heavily on my fragile emo ego.

Anyway, I also want to get something like this next year too:


I love the sound of a supercharger winding up over the deep roar of a 400+ HP V8.

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