Adventures in the OED

Bob started a new blog. It’s heart-warming to see somebody who is possibly nerdier than me. Though, I wonder if he’s truly nerdier than me. Because when I saw the name for his new blog, “Journey through the OED,” I confused the acronym for another one I more often see and I was a trifle confused for a smidgen of time.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in the OED

  1. Here we are, the first weekend in March, and you have written nothing. NOTHING!. In addition, you’ve been absent from #macnn. ABSENT! If you have a secret life or live in a parallel universe, you’re excused. Otherwise, take this as a warning to get with the program.

  2. we can only hope that he’s been buisy spending time with a new special lady friend to post anything new, or maybe he has just been playing with is wii too much.

  3. I think you’re confused. It’s not Steve’s special lady. It’s his fucking lady friend. He’s just trying to help her conceive, man.

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