Mysteries of the Universe

I have two shoes. I have one on my left foot. I have one on my right foot. Both are the same make and model. Both have the same colors. Both are tied with the same knot. Both are laced in the same manner. Both are in the same physical condition with the exception that the sole of my right shoe might be slightly more wore down due to a slight shuffle of my right foot when I walk. However, there is one key difference between my left shoe and my right shoe. My right shoe comes untied, and my left one does not. Can anybody explain this? Why is that my right shoe comes untied almost daily, whereas the shoestrings on my left shoe remain steadfastly tied?

Inquiring minds want to know.

5 thoughts on “Mysteries of the Universe

  1. 😕 Has this always happened with ALL your shoes? I don’t remember you having this problem. Maybe you should wear two left shoes. 😛 the DAD

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