Evolution of the Species

The other day I saw a car with two interesting bumper stickers. On the left side was one of those Darwin fishes. The driver was obviously a disciple of Evolution and its chief mechanism, Natural Selection. Not too uncommon, especially in Seattle. However, on the right side of the bumper was a sticker that said: “Proud parent of a German Shepherd.”

Now, cleverer people than me can probably come up with some really pithy quip about the driver thinking having a dog-child is somehow evolving, but I cannot come up with anything remotely good. In fact, I’m just so overwhelmed by the inconsistency and weirdness of the two signs that I’m boggled beyond use.

2 thoughts on “Evolution of the Species

  1. Maybe her child is a Shepard that happens to do their sheparding in Germany. I hear German wool is actually known for its high quality, that is something for a mother to be proud of.

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