Taste my bitter tears

Unrequited love often turns to bitterness. Sometimes even a foul bitterness that can only boil up from the evil brew festering deep within man’s black heart. Such has my love for the iPhone become. How fickle is my nerd heart!

The iPhone is absurdly expensive if you factor in Cingular’s outrageous data and voice charges. Look, I don’t care if the iPhone can double as a totally excellent girlfriend, I’m not paying nearly $2000 a year for a stupid phone. For that much money I’d rather get an oQo 2, which I’m not going to get. By the way, T-Mobile’s data charges are significantly cheaper than Cingular’s for pretty much the same network in terms of speed unless you’re in one of the few select markets with 3G already. Of course, the iPhone itself will become cheaper. I’m sure within a year there will be several models and only the top end will remain obscenely expensive.

Cingular’s exclusivity contract is rumored to end in 2009, and after head-scratchingly stupid comments like these I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple refuses to let Cingular sell their phones after the agreement expires. When a president of Cingular is crowing that they made The Steve, a man who caves to neither Big Music or Big Movies, bend to their wishes, I have to be extremely skeptical of both the veracity of his claim and his ability as any type of dealmaker. Saying the other side did all the bending is, well, poor diplomacy at best. Also, calling people who unlock phones “bad guys” is almost insulting and shows a lack of regard for users who pay money for their toys. Unlocking phones is legal, and there’s no reason they should be disparaging somebody who only wants to legally use their device on whatever carrier they choose.

So with this being said, maybe in a couple of years, when the iPhone is less of a gold-digger and stops hanging out with that a-hole of a boyfriend, Cingular, my love for it can be renewed. Until then . . . I’m using a Motorola RAZR out of sheer spite.

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7 thoughts on “Taste my bitter tears

  1. Not that I have any plans to buy this first iteration of the iPhone, but I cellular service with a data plan and a phone/pda type thing are going to cost beaucoup bucks. Even T-Mobile isn’t that much cheaper than Cingular.

    Comparable T-Mobile Voice Plan
    $50.00 – 1000 minutes voice plan (w/unlimited nights and weekend)
    $50.00 – T-Mobile Total Intarweb
    $8.00 – Service Fees

    So, costs of operating the phone are the same depending on the carriers you compare. It really amounts to how much you’re willing to pay for your handset.

    Of course, $600 bucks for a phone is definitely to pricey for me.

  2. You don’t have to get that $50 plan for unlimited internet access on T-Mobile. I pay $6 (with no employee discount) for complete access to the internet with T-Mobile Web. Unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions (except for like 4 sites we blacklist). Besides, I see with that plan T-Mobile offers unlimited texts and emails for $10 cheaper than Cingular, which is limited to 3k texts.

  3. 2 Thoughts:

    Why does T-Mobile have a total internet plan and the T-Zones plan?

    It seems like the real problem you have is with Cingular, not with the iPhone. I think you need to accurately target your impotent rage…

  4. Matt, yes, that’s always been my problem with the iPhone, and I don’t think I’ve ever said elsewise. I think my flaccid rage is accurately targeted because Apple didn’t have to choose to be on Cingular. Nothing stops them from selling an unlocked phone, which seems to be nearly everybody’s preference.

    I have no idea why T-Mo sells those two different plans. I will never claim to know why our business unit does anything. I do know that I pay $6 for unlimited internet, and it’s great!

  5. C’mon Steve, you know the unlocked phone would be ridiculously expensive. It is indeed legal to unlock a phone and now has the Copyright Office’s backing but I’m guessing Cingular gave the best subsidy deal to Apple.

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