2 thoughts on “The coolest mobile phone ever made

  1. yet another example of how nothing new and innovative is being marketed these days (with a few exceptions). All we see are old invetions being combined together to form “new” (old) convieniences smooshed into one expensive, fragile “do-all” device that does the same damn thing you’ve been able to do all along. Example, a cell phone screws an mp3 player screws a gps screws a palm-pilot and everyone thinks “this is some super-ultra-cool new wave of technology!” Its crap!

    Granted some of the new “combos” are pretty ingenious, but when people come out with junk like an mp3 player/tennis shoe that you can’t get wet, I’ve had about enough. Don’t get caught up in this psuedo-“new” invention! Its just some engineer’s lack of creativity bleeding out into the ever-more desperate market for expensive gizmos.

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