The New Hotness: 2007

Well, we’re almost 48 hours into 2007. So far so good, and I even woke up tired and cranky today.

2005 was easily the worst year of my life, but 2006 was probably one of the best. Though I’m not sure if I’m only saying that because it is in such close proximity to 2005. You know how if you put an ugly person next to an uglier person, then the first person looks much better? It might be like that. 2006 may still have been a relatively crappy year, but since 2005 was really crappy 2006 look much better. The single most important thing that happened in 2006 was getting my current job. I know I talk about it all the time, so I’ll spare the words this time. Suffice it to say that I’m still very thankful for it. It transferred my bleak and impoverished outlook on my future in 2005 to a rather gilded and optimistic outlook on life. Because of it I can do things and afford things (like my school debt).

I’m excited for 2007. Lots is in the works, and I think it’s going to shape up into another banner year (unlike some all-too-vocal idiots). It might be getting pretty expensive considering all the things I’d like to do including a trip to Florida, more skiing than normal, paying off a significant portion of my debt, and a hunting trip later in the year. I hope I can get enough vacation time to do it all. But life is more than just doing stuff; it’s also about being. Now that I’ve gotten past that gag-worthy “philosophical” sentence, I’ll explain what I mean. Somebody asked me recently what I aspired to do with my life. I couldn’t really think of a better answer so I just kinda mumbled, “I dunno, be a better man.” The answer felt pretty lame at the time, but I’ve realized after some mostly sleepless nights that that’s something I really do need to work on. My external life is fairly in order (the diaspora of my clothes are a notable exception), but my internal life needs a fair bit of housekeeping. On that note, I do have a New Year’s resolution: avoid hard drugs, loose women, pickpockets, and a life of crime. Should be pretty easy to keep.

4 thoughts on “The New Hotness: 2007

  1. Nice Blog! I think that a lot of us go through life not really knowing or even posing the question of what you want to do with your life. Obviously there are many different avenues that we can take. But the avenue that we take is dependent on our beliefs about the world around us, our morals and values. Now all of you know that the words: beliefs, morals and values are loaded and can be discussed forever, but I think it is very important to set these standards to determine your direction in life. Morals and values will help you set limits about what you will do and not do. Beliefs help develop these morals and values. Example if you believe in Darwinism then your life should be in the pursuit of your own happiness. You only live for yourself. If you believe in intelligent design well then there is a multifaceted direction you can take. It’s funny that now we have scientific evidence of intelligent design yet it only gets us to the beginning point (If you disagree, read the book Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel and then argue your point). To then choose a direction from that point can be very ambiguous and complicated because I could see myself taking multiple directions. I guess for some people finding what they want to do is very simple and easy for them. They don’t have to dig deep to find a passion or interest that develops into a direction in their life. For others we will never find this passion unless we actively search for it. It might take our entire life to find it!

  2. Your loose-women resolution could be difficult to pull off, considering you live a few blocks from a campus with a lot of repressed women ready to jump a man when they snap 😛

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