The Great White North is still Great and White and to the North

Longest post title yet? Maybe.

I was able to enjoy Christmas in Alaska with an abridged family. My older brother had to stay in Ohio due to work duties. The poor guy. It was an interesting Christmas. My parent’s kitchen was in the final stages of a renovation, so it was barely usable. In fact, when I first arrived there was no water. Needless to say there were no Christmas cookies this year, which means that basically half the point of Christmas was gutted. We also didn’t have a Christmas tree because the living room was completely wrapped up in plastic until two days before Christmas. Instead we had to make do with a Christmas Plant:

That picture is taken with my T-Mobile Dash, which is a nice smartphone but has a crappy camera.

So, was this the saddest Christmas yet? Perhaps. We were a man down, we had no cookies, Dad was working a lot, and we had to make do with a plant. Still, it was good to go home and spend time with the family. I also got to see some old friends from high school, and the first offspring from one of my friends. I guess this is what happens when one gets older: Christmases get different and friends get kids. I think I can cope with that.

The weather was fairly dreary, cold, and snowy. I don’t think the temperature ever made it out of the teens, and several times it dipped into the single digits. We did get a bit of sunshine, so here’s my obligatory picture of the sun passing through the hanging valley across from the house (again pardon the crappy camera on the phone):

The nice thing about being in Alaska when it was so cold is that when I come back down to Seattle the sub-40 degree weather seems warm. I still haven’t turned on my apartment heater yet.

I didn’t take my shaver with me, so I haven’t trimmed my manly facial hair in a while. It’s a short, prickly, and annoyingly sparse beard right now. It’s very prickly, but I’ve grown attached to it, so I can’t bring myself to trim it. I think it’s in these moments I really need a woman in my life to say, “Shave your stupid face!”

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