I’m the person of the year

And you are too. My first thought when seeing this was that Time magazine has finally, really, truly taken the wussy and lazy route. How boring is it to say that 300 million people are the persons of the year? Didn’t we learn anything from The Incredibles? If everybody is special then nobody is special. If everybody is person of the year, then it really doesn’t mean anything at all. I also was a little bit gratified when Time’s editor basically admitted they have no balls:

“If you choose an individual, you have to justify how that person affected millions of people,” said Richard Stengel, who took over as Time’s managing editor earlier this year. “But if you choose millions of people, you don’t have to justify it to anyone.”

Good job, Time, way to avoid any possibility of having to stand up for what you believe. You’re now the little pansy of the news world.

2 thoughts on “I’m the person of the year

  1. Actually, TIME has been the pansy of the news world for a while now.

    The guy I nominated for person of the year wound up getting the nobel peace prize.

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