Blustery Day 2: The Aftermath

I wasn’t really aware of how bad the storm hit us. Probably because I never lost power and was fairly sheltered from the winds I think. A photo gallery of some of the destruction can be seen here (sorry if it resizes your browser window).

Last night my team at work had our holiday dinner and gift exchange at my boss’s house down south. He didn’t have power, but he decided to have it any way. Driving over the I-90 bridge from Seattle which had minimal power outages to the east side was a little creepy. The normally sparkling, light dotted hillsides were completely dark. Not even streetlights were operating. I wasn’t expecting the situation to be that bad. I still had to buy my white elephant gift, so I planned on stopping at a Target along the way. The mall it was in was completely dark except for a few emergency lights in the Safeway. Fortunately, somehow, Target had enough power to operate registers and have enough light for people to read price tags. It was pretty creepy being in a big store like that with people talking in hushed voices, low light, and a slight sense of urgency. Coming out of the store into complete darkness was odd too. I may not notice streetlights and other lights very much when there is power, but when they’re gone it’s definitely noticeable. I suddenly felt like I was back in Alaska where they don’t pollute the environment with lots of extra light.

It was definitely a different dinner party experience when there is no light besides flashlights and candles, the house is the roughly the same temperature as the outside, and none of the food can be served piping hot because there’s no way to heat them. The grill had to be fixed with a lot of banging, so that the meat which was originally going to be cooked in the oven could be cooked at all. It was still a very pleasant experience, and a good time was had by all. Have I mentioned before how thankful I am for my job and my co-workers? I am.

3 thoughts on “Blustery Day 2: The Aftermath

  1. 86 hours and counting without power, and not a single person called to see if we were ok… 😦

    It’s funny how something can turn from an inconvenience, to a nuisance, to a serious problem. Per PSE, we’re likely to get power back on Friday.

    And with all of that we still lucked out in a lot of ways. We were able to shower at Quinn’s office, we both had full tanks of gas so we didnt have to struggle to get to warmer places, and Quinn’s parents had a fireplace so we’ve been able to stay warm at least. A lot of folks arent so lucky…

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