Blustery Day

Bad weather in Seattle last night, so a bunch of poor saps are without power including my work, so I got the day off. They won’t even let us in the buildings to get laptops so we can work from home. I guess I’m fine with that. It’s nice to have a day off, but I really am swamped at work. I’ll definitely have to put in some OT next week. I just find it ironic that it really isn’t a horrible day. Right now it’s not windy; it’s not raining; I even saw some patches of blue sky earlier. It’s like the virtual snow day we had at the end of November. It snowed 2 inches or so, which caused pretty much everything to shut down, and then the actual “snow day” I only saw dry, clear roads and a beautiful sunny sky. Go figure.

I love raging storms. Last night, two of my friends and I had to walk clear across town after the Seahawks’s embarrassing loss to San Francisco. The wind was gusting something fierce and from all sides as it swirled around buildings. I had a blast just trying to stay on my feet. Earlier that day, it was pouring rain and extremely windy. When we were driving into town from work it was as if huge buckets of water was being poured onto the car. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it rain that hard in Seattle. The pounding of the rain against the car body was almost scary.

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