More snow

More snow came down just in time for the commute home from work. You can only imagine what this did to traffic. It’s predicted to snow some more tonight, so I brought my laptop home from work. Hopefully it’ll be a snow day, so I can sit under warm covers sipping hot tea while working. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “More snow

  1. It took a couple of our co-workers over 4 hours to get home. Unbelievable. Alaskans would laugh at this type of snow and eat it for breakfast. Down here, everybody starts to cry.

  2. It is rather amusing how people just have no driving skills…rain of shine. Some people even abondoned their vehicles on the side of the road and choose to walk that night. Even buses (!?!?!) were abondoned, which is unfortunate for those choosing alternate commutes. Yet for those that don’t, I hope their car got towed and impounded…ucking fidiots.

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