Thanksgiving 06

The last few days I’ve been in Colorado for Thanksgiving and skiing. Look:

These pictures were taken with my Motorola RIZR, which has a pretty decent camera.

As you can see, the weather has been nice. Yesterday we were at Copper Mountain, which wasn’t completely packed out and iced over. I got a deal through the airlines I used to get here, so I got two tickets for the price of one, which was awesome. Today, we hit Arapahoe Basin, the place where “all the locals go.” It was pretty nice, but we agreed that it would be much better later in the season with more snow cover. They have a lot of xtreem(!!!) terrain that we couldn’t hit because there was barely two feet of snow coverage. Lots of rocks were peeking out of the snow. Overall, it was quite nice and much better than I expected for being so early in the season.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 06

  1. Cool! For anyone that cares, the two peaks on the right side of the top picture are Buffalo and Red Peak. Buffalo is the rounded one, and from the vantage the picture is taken, Red looks flat across the top. Red Peak is actually red when there’s no snow, and Buffalo’s unique shape and chutes make it looks like, well, a giant buffalo.

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