Hey, I have a personality

Once, a long time ago, a girl described my personality as “flat as a pancake.” I was inclined to believe her at the time but not so much anymore.

For Halloween, T-Mobile allowed us to don costumes and bowl for free. I went as Elwood Blues of The Blues Brothers fame. I looked like this (minus the pink stuff):

My buddy, as Jake Blues, and I won $25 each for our costumes. I wish I could always make money that easy.

So, I have a silly side and I have a serious side. For example, I enjoy beautiful things, like this sunset the other day as I saw it from the window of my cube:

4 thoughts on “Hey, I have a personality

  1. Who described your personality as “flat as a pancake?” That’s rediculous. You, sir, have never had a flat personality. You have always been one of the most interesting and entertaining person I’ve known.

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