Election 2006 or How I Learned to Stop Caring

There was an election yesterday. That’s kinda cool I guess. It’s nice to know other people out there still care enough to vote. Me, I stopped caring, at least for now.

Democrats won big in the House and have gained a very slight majority in the Senate. I don’t read too much politics these days, but I thought Best of the Web’s commentary was a pretty good right-wing perspective. I’m almost relieved the Republicans, the party with which I’m most likely to align, lost. They deserved to lose. They really started sucking the last 2 years for a lot of reasons. Also, can you even imagine what a horrible horrible situation we would be in now if the Republicans even managed to maintain a slight majority in both houses? It seemed months ago the Left had slipped into the mentality that they had the right to win big in 2006, and, if they didn’t, then surely Karl “Evil” Rove pulled another fast one like he did in 2000 and 2004. I shudder to think about what state we would be in if the Democrats didn’t win. Blood probably would have been shed. . .by aged hippies. I’m not sure how much comfort the Democrats should take in this election though. They are only in power because the Republicans effed up so many things. It’s not like more people identify with the Dems; it’s just more people hope they’ll screw up less than the current batch of Republicans. Frankly, I believe they just might be able to pull that off, especially considering many of the freshman Dems are at least fairly moderate. I am glad Lieberman won.

Is it really that bad I don’t care about politics? A switch clicked off sometime after the 2004 elections, and I suddenly stopped caring. I only maintain a cursory knowledge of the goings on, which means I skim Drudge headlines, skim through Instapundit, skim through Volokh (though that’s not so political), and read Best of the Web. I’m not even sure politics affects my life in any significant way. The economy is fine. I have a job. No government can stop another terrorist attack. Wait, let me re-phase that: no government has enough balls to take the steps necessary to stop another terrorist attack, which is probably a good thing. I have my civil rights, and I am deeply skeptical of anybody who thinks we live in a country that is anywhere close to a police state. The government is still a bloated mess. The government will always want my money, though some years it demands less. The government will always suck at whatever it does. I really do not think it matters which party has power these days. It seems to me the country will have to experience a sea-change in public opinion for anything interesting to happen. In light of all of this, why should I make an effort to care? Heck, I’m ensconced in a cocoon of liberalness, it’s not like my vote is going to change anything here anyway.

Anyway, that’s my lack of opinion, and I’m stickin’ to it.

Quick update: this is entirely correct and how losing parties should accept defeat.

2 thoughts on “Election 2006 or How I Learned to Stop Caring

  1. I can’t believe no one left a comment yet! Do all your readers agree with you? I didn’t vote either and you summed up my thoughts pretty well. The Republicans seem to think straight better when they’re in the minority. Governing makes any party more liberal in the sense that they spend more money (to win fickle public opinion) and intrude on more freedoms (because they want to stay in power). You see Jeremiah’s post on the same?

  2. I did vote, but you’ve summed up my thoughts! I’m praying for at least two years of gridlock. Then who knows? Maybe a in a few years a real conservative (read fiscal conservative) will emerge.

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