Intertubial videos of the faith

Three IntArW3b(!!!) videos linked after the jump. I didn’t want the nasty preview frames slowing down loading, so I decided to hide them.

First, discovered via Instapundit (of all places) is a Woody Allen interview of Billy Graham (of all people). It’s in two parts. First:


I think this is the funniest I’ve ever seen Woody Allen, not that I’ve seen much of his stuff. He at least used to have a sharply self-effacing wit that was fun to watch. Billy Graham, a steadfast servant of the Lord, wastes no time and bringing his answers around to the central message of the Gospel. Both men do remarkably well. As Glenn Reynolds commented, it is a shame we don’t see such charitableness between men of opposing viewpoints these days.

The last video is a hyper-Calvinist rap video taking on Arminism via The Tangent Universe(!!!):

You can read the explanation of the video here. It is important to note the lyrics are entirely facetious and purposely over the top. I got a kick out of it because I’m a Calvinist, and I love beating the snot out of those stupid arminists. One of the clauses of that sentence was a joke, but I’ll let you figure out which clause is.

2 thoughts on “Intertubial videos of the faith

  1. The Allen/Graham interview was pretty funny. Billy Graham’s an interesting guy.

    The Calvinist rap thing was kind of lame though…

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