Metronatural Seattle

What’s with Washington and it’s cities coming up with really lame slogans? Seattle’s new promotional slogan is “metronatural.” That is so hippie post-modern sounding I want to scream. What does that even mean? It’s probably worse than Washington’s recent attempt at a slogan: “SayWA”.

3 thoughts on “Metronatural Seattle

  1. It’s always crazy to see the cost of these stupid slogans. I dont even think good slogans are money well spent. I’ve never visited a city because of it’s nickname, slogan, or cheesy marketing campaign.

  2. whatever matt, you’re just jealous of Virgina’s kicky slogan which we will never ever be able to top.

    i have some suggestions:

    “Washington: The Waterfront Doesn’t Smell that Bad”

    “Washington: More Underfed Emo Kids than Vancouver”


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