An audio exploration

I walked out of Easy Street Records with a very odd mix of CDs. I thought it was odd anyway. You tell me.

First, I found MC Hammer’s absolute classic album, “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ’em.” Straight outta ’90! I used to love this album when I was a kid and practically had every lyric (or at least what I thought were the lyrics) memorized. It was right up there with The New Kids on the Block “Hangin’ Tough” album. I just listened to it, and it’s really pretty fun and oh so very tame. It also strikes me as very cheesy too. I also bought Scary Kids Scaring Kids’s album, which is a fairly decent screamo album (nothing unusual there), and Ratatat’s “Classics” album, which I would recommend to anybody who likes chiller instrumental music with some electronic elements on top of guitars and drums. Also bought a greatest hits album of Roy Orbison of “Oh Pretty Woman” fame. Finally, I bought Strapping Young Lad’s new album “The New Black” which is, well, a really heavy speed metal album. So, today I purchased an old skool rap album, an emo screamo album, an indie electro-rock instrumental album, a oldies crooner album, and a death metal album. If that’s not evidence of an eclectic musical taste, then I don’t know what is.

Some other quick audio tidbits from around the Intertubes:

Bride of Monster Mash has a free album for download of techno/electronic mixes and re-mixes centered around a Halloween theme. The re-mix of the classic song “Monster Mash” is pretty good.

A nerd buddy of mine pointed out that is a great resource for old radio programs. I’m looking forward to listening to the original broadcast of Orsen Welles’s famous “War of the Worlds” and the late ’40’s horror radio series “Inner Sanctum.”

2 thoughts on “An audio exploration

  1. So by liking everything, you show that you really like nothing? You are neither hot nor cold, so I will spit you out of my mouth. That Monster Mash remix is barely anything and certainly not techno.

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