This time Pandora’s Box is a win-win situation

Check out Pandora. You: type in an artist you like. Pandora: fetches similar music for you to stream for free right over the International Intertubes! How cool is that? “Very cool” is the correct answer.

(via Dan, who doesn’t like Third Eye Blind)

UPDATE: And here is 15 tips (some of them obvious) to get more out of Pandora.

5 thoughts on “This time Pandora’s Box is a win-win situation

  1. Neh. I found this a while back and discovered that if you let it play for a bit, you start getting repeats in about 30 minutes. How lame is that? “Pretty lame” is the correct answer. I dunno. Maybe they’ve improved it since then, or they just didn’t have a very large selection in the part of the “music universe” I chose.

    And what happened to the comment preview?

  2. I’ve told you about Pandora multiple times and mentioned it in at least a couple blog posts and you only check it out when a blogger that you didn’t start an alternative paper with recommends it?! Sorry, I’m just a little hurt that you don’t listen to your 3000-miles-away friend. 😦

    Other folks have told me they tried Pandora early on and found the selection lame, but I’ve been using it for several months now and have little to complain about. It knows artists that I never expected would be catalogued, and though it does repeat somewhat, it can always be changed by thumb-upping a particular track or adding a new song or band. No complaints in the least. It’s sad that people are paying for satellite radio when they have Pandora for free.

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