Deep secrets, shallow relationships

Sorry about all the nerd posts lately. I’m in a nerdy stage of life and all. Hopefully I’ll be able to whip out a post tomorrow talking about a few things I’ve done in the past week (i.e. two metal shows, a football game, and a wedding) but no promises.

In the meantime, I have do have something I’m thinking about. Recently, an acquaintance of mine revealed to me an extremely personal secret. I accidentally extracted the secret from the person during a conversation in which I asked many questions. Since I’m a poor conversationalist, I make up for it by asking lots of questions. Sometimes I feel like I accidentally slip into cross-examination mode, and start on a series of pointed, probing questions sometimes for fun, sometimes for curiosity, and sometimes with a goal in mind. In this case, the person I was talking to confessed the secret, which ended up being something I had guessed just a few moments before, after dropping a few hints while answering my questions. So now, I feel I’ve been put in a rather strange position. Between this person and me, we share an extremely private and deep secret; however, the rest of our relationship could be charitably characterized as pointlessly superficial. I’m a little lost in how I should deal with this. Should I just act like nothing happened? Should I be mindful of this and show concern about it when I’m talking to the person privately? Right now, I’m acting like I know nothing, but I’m not entirely sure that’s the best course of action in this case.

7 thoughts on “Deep secrets, shallow relationships

  1. Steve,
    Ive been trying to get in touch with you!! I want to know if you could hook me up with still pics and directions to that Vinyard Lake cliff jumping video you have posted on your site?? Hit me back!!
    Joe Sellars

  2. Nice post!!! Now all your friends are asking themselves one question: “Does Steve view our friendship as pointlessly superficial?” Let me put all your hearts at ease. Steve is referring to his superficial friend, Steve Jobs. See, with my help, Steve is beginning to realize that Steve Jobs is darn close to being the AntiChrist. So, with a little probing in a nightly “charitable” conversation with Mr. Jobs, Steve asked “Steve, are you the AntiChrist?” To which Steve Jobs replied, “Yeah. But back to my point, we need to come up with more colored covers for our iPods. I think we should charge at least 50 dollars for one, but the beauty of this is that it only costs us, like, less than a penny….”

    Steve, this is my advice. Pack up all your Mac equipment. Douse it in gasoline. Light it on fire, all the while walking in a circle around the burning fire and reading Ephesians 6:19. This might not be a helpful verse, but anything is better than nothing. Change your phone numbers and your screen names. Order a pizza, and watch a Steven Seagal movie (Hard to Kill is preferable in this case). Jobs will get the hint. And don’t worry…..WE ALL ALREADY KNOW HIS HORRIBLE SECRET!!!!

  3. I second that vote for best comment ever.

    On a serious note, without knowing what it is, how can we advise you? I’d be inclined simply to not bring it up myself. Even with a friend, I’d be reluctant to say much of anything unless asked I would think.

  4. Here’s what I’m thinking, though you might have a better read on this than I. I think oftentimes when people reveal what appears to be a very deep secret it’s because they really want/need to tell somebody. I certainly wouldn’t air their laundry (dirty or clean), but I don’t see anything wrong with appearing concerned…

    All of that would be proven incorrect if the secret is that Rzab came out of the closet and told you that Bill Gates is his man lover…

  5. OK, one question Steve…first, the secret is from a girl aquaintance that professed her deep and undying “like” for you, right? Move on it. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work and you wind up exactly the same as you are now, which (in my opinion) really ain’t that bad at all.

    If I’m off my rocker, disregard this opinion and go with Eph 6:19

  6. Well my advice to you Steve is to post the secret on the Internet for everyone to see, that way you can stop being superficial and start being real. Its sort of like the Real World but on the Internet were we can tell each other secrets but then get in verbal fights (since I can’t punch over the Internet) when we learn that we told each other secrets we are not suppose to tell. So I will start first. I know for a fact that Fluger and Steve Jobs had an affair. Respond now….

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