The Ultra Mac

I’ve posted some pics of my new Mac Pro here. I used iPhoto and iWeb together to whip out that page in a matter of minutes. Apple really has nailed the integration of their iLife apps. Very slick.

Anyway, some initial thoughts on the Mac Pro:

First, I “only” have 1 GB of RAM. Reports I was reading around the web made me think I’d definitely be needing to get more RAM on the double; however, now I’m not so sure. Pretty much all my apps are universal binary, meaning they natively support the Intel chipset and don’t have to use Rosetta to run. I’ve read that Rosetta is a memory hog. Right now, I have 13 apps running, and I still have 330 MB of free RAM. Granted most of the apps I have running are pretty lightweight, but if I can get this much performance out of just 1 GB of RAM, I think I can postpone getting more RAM for a bit. This would be great since the RAM for this machine is really expensive. To get another 2 GB of RAM it would be nearly $500. If I wanted to max out the RAM in this thing, it’d cost nearly $5000 for the 16 GB.

Second, this thing is very very quiet. I came home from work today, and I thought it had shut off for some reason because I couldn’t hear anything. I can only hear a slight whir of the fans, but considering they’re maybe a foot away from my ear that’s not too surprising. I’ll try to remember to listen for it when I’m being a hardcore gamer, but I’m guessing it won’t get much louder.

Third, so far I’ve been very happy with the performance. CPU usage is very low almost all the time, and it looks like the tasks are well split between all 4 cores. My CPU monitor shows all them being used for something. Game-wise, I’ve been able to completely max out UT2k4 at 1920×1200 resolution and it runs smooth as glass. World of Warcraft is barely even a challenge. I can sit in Ironforge with every graphical option turned way up, and it still hits the 60 fps cap. It will be nice to get a beefier game and really put this thing through the paces.

Fourth, I’m still amazed how fast the migration from my old tower went. It really was just a matter of dumping a bunch of data over from one machine to the other. I was anticipating it taking twice as much time and involve a lot more headache. I have a real trim OS right now, and I hope to keep it that way.

3 thoughts on “The Ultra Mac

  1. you want to spend 5 grand on 16 gigs of ram?! dude you need to get yourself a girl mate. you could buy all kinds of new threads, pimp out your vehicle, take a cute chica out to dinner and dancing a few times, and buy about three months worth of beer with that kind of money. RAM be damned.

  2. What’s with this blatant Mac nudity? I don’t want to hear about you going “inside” your machine for a peek at its “RAM” as you call it. I don’t want to hear about your Mac’s “performance,” alright? This site has now gone beyond pornographic. This is basically a lyric sheet for a RammStein song. Get your act together!!!!

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