The Big Day or a Grand Day Off

8:50 AM: I woke up an hour ago with the feeling that it was Christmas morning. Since then I’ve been trying to get my work laptop up and running so I can actually try to do some work from home. Unfortunately the power adapter I grabbed was the wrong one and the VPN client fails to connect. I guess I’ll just be watching the webmail today.

9:05 AM: I’m sitting on a conference call that needs to be cancelled. Mac is either in Seattle or Auburn on the truck. Godspeed, good Mac!

9:20 AM: Got VPN working, so I can now work at home! . . .as long as I have battery power.

11:05 AM: My work laptop is down to 1 hour of juice. No Mac yet. 😦

11:25 AM: Okay saving the last of my juice for later in the afternoon. At least I’ve been more productive than some people.

11:50 AM: IT’S HERE!!!

1:25 PM: I’m well on the way to getting it fully armed and operational. I have a lot of data to transfer over from my old computer, but things are going well so far. I forgot that the Mac Pro only takes SATA3 drives. It took me a while to figure out why my IDE drives weren’t snapping into place. Doh!

2:50 PM: I think I’m pretty much 90% moved into my new Mac Pro. I have all my important data transferred over. I have all of my normal apps up and running how I had them before. So far things have been absolutely painless. Using target disk mode, I grabbed all my data off my old hard drives. That made things very speedy (25 GB of music < 20 min). This machine is a beast. I'll post pics in just a bit.

4 thoughts on “The Big Day or a Grand Day Off

  1. Congratulations, Steve. I know what a fantastic moment this must be for an uber-geek like yourself (btw, I scored a 16 on the nerd test). And I didn’t mean for my congratulations to sound sarcastic. You must be beaming!

  2. We all know why your Mac was late….the FedEx guy had a moral struggle in delivering it to you. It’s not all that hard to imagine him agonizing over the box. The angel on his right shoulder, “Don’t you dare subject that young man to the torture of Mac ownership. You know better. God put you in this position for a reason, to stop the spread of M.A.C.S. and the poisoning the minds of decent people. Steve Jobs must be stopped!!!” Of course, on the other shoulder you have the devil saying, “If you deliver this Mac, Steve Jobs will remember you fondly when the Hour has come. Do you really want to piss off Steve Jobs? Think of the POWER!!! Let’s just give this fool his Mac and go to the bar!!!” Alas, another chance to stop the spread of M.A.C.S. (kind of like A.I.D.S.) has failed. Another falls to the dark side.

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