Apple woes and whoas

Today was supposed to be a day full of technological joy, a veritable Christmas in September for me. However, instead of feeling maximum happiness I felt more like Keaunu. Apple’s estimate for delivery was a little too optimistic, but I won’t fault them for that because it did ship a whole week earlier than they said it would. FedEx claims My Precious “left origin” in Anaheim, California, at 2:22 AM Saturday morning. Now, I can only assume it’s somewhere between here and there, lost in the complex system that constitutes a worldwide shipping company. The frustrating thing is that I could have driven to Anaheim and back in 36 hours, but it takes FedEx over 90 hours to get a 65 pound box from Anaheim to Seattle. I guess I should cut them some slack. After all, they need coffee breaks, and I’m sure those dumpy trucks they drive around don’t nearly have the range and speed of my truck. Even understanding this, I’m still impatient. I probably refresh my package tracking page once every waking hour. I NEED a computer. Here’s hoping I’ll have be in a state of sheer glee sometime early tomorrow.

Apple still astounds though. So maybe their delivery estimates are off by a day, but they darn well sure know how to make super sweet portable music players. The Steve announced a lot of new music products today including a super slick iTunes 7, movies at the iTunes Music Store, and updated iPod nanos, shuffles (check out how tiny it is!), and videos. I think the green 8 GB nano with 24 hours of battery life sounds just about ideal. I want Apple in my pants again.

Yes, that’s what I said.

UPDATE: It’s in Portland!
UPDATE 2: It left Portland!

2 thoughts on “Apple woes and whoas

  1. I was disappointed with everything but the iTV.

    The video quality of the downloads from ITunes are pretty cruddy, so I dont think I’ll be buying any movies soon.

    Apple is kicking out cool stuff I guess, but I dont feel like there’s been any real hardware innovation for some time…

  2. Yeah there may not be a whole lot of knock-your-socks-off innovation recently, but Apple’s refinements on their already killer products are always nice to see.

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