Labor Break

Labor Day weekend: the weekend to be bored stiff for three days instead of two. Well, not really, but this weekend is probably going to end up being quite unexciting, especially considering what I could be doing. To be fair I have a lot working against me. First, I have a considerable chunk of change locked up in a Mac Pro that could ship any time in the next two weeks (and make a dramatic deduction from my bank account), so it’s not like I can just cut loose and blow a bunch of cash. Second, I committed to take care of a friend’s house and dogs, so I have to be around the area for half the weekend. Third, most of my friends already have plans and engagements apart from me. I know this is shocking, but it’s true.

Regardless all is not lost. I’ve been fairly productive. Tonight, I will finish prepping wedding photos for print and get them burned on to discs. It will be nice to have that done. This afternoon, I installed a subwoofer in my truck. I think my maturity level dropped significantly upon completion, but once again I can blast my horrible music so loud it vibrates my spine and annoys fellow drivers. The last time I could do this was back in high school. The woofer is immediately behind the seats in my truck, so the phat beats have direct access to my ear drums. It’s loud.

I’m not sure if I’m going to take Monday off yet. I could use the money, and I’m not exactly sure I want to stick around the apartment and be bored. Plus, work has air conditioning, and it might be a bit warm on Monday. It’d just be a shame to have a three-day weekend cut down to two by a desperation driven by dullness.

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