We want 4G

Behold, the coming future of mobile wireless technology: WiBro. My nerd juices are flowing:

. . . the company showed off 4G’s nomadic speed of 1Gbps data transmissions inside the forum venue with simultaneous 32HD channel broadcast (20Mpbs) downloads, Internet access, and video telephony. Furthermore, a 3.5Gbps data transfer demonstration using 8×8 MIMO (multi-input multi-output) was part of the display.

A speedy cousin to WiMax, WiBro’s nomadic speed of 1Gbps is 50 times faster than 3G, according to Samsung. With speeds of 1Gpbs, it would take about 2.4 seconds to transfer 100 MP3 files (300MB), and 5.6 seconds to transfer one 800MB movie.

Try to imagine watching HD TV on your cell phone. That’s right, you can’t imagine it because it’s too crazy for our minds to grasp. Since 4G is slated to be released in 2010, our collective imaginations might have evolved by then so our minds don’t shatter under the pressure of an inconceivable reality.

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