6 thoughts on “Be still, my pounding heart!

  1. You probably just bought the new might mouse. n00b.

    Seriously though, the new mac looks pretty sweet. And supposedly the new intel hardware can run pc games pretty damn well. Cool stuff.

  2. I don’t like Macs. You should’ve bought a PC. You already own enough Macs to keep reminding you that they suck for the rest of your life…..geez!!!! Besides, how come that douche Steve Jobs hasn’t personally thanked you for holding Apple up during “the hard times.” I’ll tell you why….because Steve Jobs is a douche. Sharing a first name with someone is not a reason to keep buying their shitty products. And stop smiling all the time…..dammit. And I hate Roy’s Smoke Shop. Breakin’ 2 Forever!!!!!:?:

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