Everybody get married to the limit

Fluger got married yesterday. I was the photographer for the wedding, and I had a lot of fun. So far I’m happy with how the photos turned out and I haven’t even slathered on the Photoshop love yet.

Here’s one with me in it because I’m egotistical and this is my blog (see if you can spot me):

All of those guys were on my old dorm floor. 5th Hill forever!

I’ll see if I can get a little photo album from the wedding uploaded soon.

As per Chris’s suggestion, click below to compare the above photo to a photo from our freshman year.

I think there are two interesting things. First, the stark difference in the amount of hair Chris has. Second, I’m still throwin’ up them horns! \m/-_- \m/

10 thoughts on “Everybody get married to the limit

  1. You stick up an old floor picture on there for comparison from 6 years ago. I don’t have anything for side-by-side comparison.

  2. off the top of my head from left to right Nick Glancy (WWND), Andrew ?, Matt Erskin, J.J. Kissinger, FLAMER!!, Alan Mayor. Jay Nelson, Nate “the great” White, some guy who is most likely eminem, Dave ? (aka humpy?), John Brawner, Nathan Fluger, Steve “McQueen” Barnet, (Drew a blank), & Chad “Mr. Ed” Edwards.

  3. Alright Marvin, you can’t remember my roomate’s name? Dude that’s Steve Van Selus. Others are Andrew (David) and Dave (Dennison).

    And for Steve, don’t knock the hair man. You know you want the sophistication that follows male pattern baldness.

  4. Dudes, I knew more names than that and I was still in high school when this photo was taken.

    Also, how come no one mentioned fluger’s haircut which is in the style of Mr. T fresh off of 70/80s skate night?

    It is sad that that was lost for the wedding. It was a hallmark of his legacy.


  5. wow, i can’t believe how many people who’s names i forgot. i’m getting OLD.

    look at how sweet and innocent you all are! flamer looks about 15 years old. although…jared never looked innocent. sweet, maybe. never innocent :mrgreen:

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