Andersen vs. King County

A longish legal analysis of the gay marriage ruling by the Washington State Supreme Court, which ruled against gay marriage yesterday. The short of the analysis is this: gays may not have a legal right to marriage, but the legislature better pick up the ball when it comes to partner benefits in civil unions or a better case might judicially force the issue. I haven’t read the opinion myself, but this analysis strikes me as well reasoned.

Personally, I’m still undecided on the whole issue. I’ve been struggling to come up with a reasonable position that is consistent with all my ideals. I have an extremely long post written on the issue, but it is far from complete and I’m not confident with it yet. I’m not sure it will ever see the light of the Internets.

One thought on “Andersen vs. King County

  1. Gay unions wish to be recognized as ‘traditional marriage’. To accomplish this, remedy is sought through the courts. A legal precedent. The debate begins as, what shall we define as marriage?

    If the debate is now free and open, ALL unions must be considered. There is a group in New England that looks for communal marriage. There are groups which wish for multiple spouses, whether male of female. I’m sure there are those that dearly love their pets or farm animals. Or even their antique Bentley. In other categories, there would be children and close relatives.

    Each of these unions is as valid as any other in seeking a legal standing.

    Protection of their individual rights could easily be accomplished. Yet, that is not what is sought. It is the label that is the goal.

    To my mind, none of these arguments advance the human condition or strengthen our Republic. For that, I see no reason to alter the meaning of marriage.

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