I paid off my stinky truck today!

So far, my experience with loans is they’re really cool at first (free money!) but then they really suck (expensive money!). Maybe others have felt the same way?

4 thoughts on “Det-b-gone

  1. Of course! Luke is already borrowing it that day, so myself and my truck are available all day at your disposal. Just give me a call.

  2. Suckah!!! Steve, I’m looking at this game Battlefield 2 and I’m aching to find some people that would want to play it online. I think FPS might suit me more than WoW, which no longer entertains me because I die all the damn time. Come on, can’t we all just go online and pretend to shoot each other full of holes? It’s therapeutic. Rammstein would do it………..don’t think I didn’t see you playing the keyboard at the concert!

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