Behold, your new metal master! It’s like these guy sat around one day and came up with the answer to the question of “What music will Steve like best?” “Iron Maiden on speed” is the correct answer. Pretty much all my other music seems pretty boring after discovering these guys.

Check out this killer video:

I’m not sure if I’m laughing because it’s so ridiculous or so awesome.

4 thoughts on “Dragonforce!

  1. Interesting, except (1) the lead singer is far too calm amidst the frenzy behind him (2) the drums are so fast they’re indistinct and the song lacks any catchy beat (3) it’s nonetheless kind of poppy in the chorus and the melodic vocals. The guitars are great, I agree, and the deaf-signing windows are funny.

  2. I totally agree with Dan on the nintendoesque music. I thought I was listening to Contra or something.

    Still, pretty silly/funny/awesome.

  3. my brother LOVES this band. he went to eugene just to see them and wound up hanging out with them all night. they are totally into live-action roleplay and all their lyrics are about hobbits and dragons and such. i approve, but if i’m going to hero-worship a nerd rocker, that rocker is and will always be andrew w.k. 😉

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