Being thrifty in Japan

Two my friends got to spend a week in Osaka, Japan, for only $2.50/ night at the Hilton due to an advertising snafu. I’m super jealous envious. Here’s the blog post of how it happened.

We showed up, and had a panicky moment when the guy who was checking us in seemed a little confused and went to speak with his manager for a moment. But then he came back and checked us in, and sent us up to the 34th floor (top floor!) and told us we were on the executive level, which had free breakfast in a private lounge that had a staff of like 15 hyper-enthusiastic people that wanted to do everything for us all the time. To quote Ben as we entered our palatial room “This feels wrong!”

The hotel was so fancy we felt pretty uncomfortable even just walking through the lounge, which had a dress code (business casual) and was always full of suits, models, and even a rapper and his entourage. One night we even saw two geisha and a maiko. Not bad for $20 a week!


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