The earth is not about to melt

This is why I’m a skeptic of the whole global warming deal (I know the article made the rounds a couple of weeks ago, but I just got around to reading it). Here’s a snippet and the conclusion:

Karlén explains that a paper published in 2003 by University of Alaska professor Igor Polyakov shows that, the region of the Arctic where rising temperature is supposedly endangering polar bears showed fluctuations since 1940 but no overall temperature rise. “For several published records it is a decrease for the last 50 years,” says Karlén

. . .

In April sixty of the world’s leading experts in the field [climatology] asked Prime Minister Harper to order a thorough public review of the science of climate change, something that has never happened in Canada. Considering what’s at stake – either the end of civilization, if you believe Gore, or a waste of billions of dollars, if you believe his opponents – it seems like a reasonable request.

I’m definitely not one who thinks we should rape the planet and move on to the next one — who really is? — but I think there’s good reason to be skeptical of this neo-Earth-First religion that might have some scientific authenticity. At any rate, the minority view on such things should be considered, right?

2 thoughts on “The earth is not about to melt

  1. I think all reasonable scientists would agree that skepticism is an important part of scientific discovery, but the article downplays the scientific consensus too much.

    All of the following articles deal with the IPCC, so there is some overlap, but good reads nonetheless.

    I dont think it takes an international study by a buttload of scientists to realize that the 6,525,407,872 people eating, breathing, shitting, and the rest of the stuff that people do, isnt going to have a significant impact.

    Like pretty much every hotly debated issue the truth is probably in the middle of the extremes.
    gore > Truth > n00bs

  2. What would be the motivation behind a global warming hoax?
    If the movie is “propaganda,” what secret ambition does it have?

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