Welcome to the gun show


Last Saturday a bunch of my friends and I went to a gun range and shot a bunch of guns in celebration of a friend’s birthday. We had several guns we rented, but I made a point of renting the Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum as a little birthday present for myself. It looked like this:

It doesn’t look that intimidating in the picture, but believe me when you held that four-and-a-half pounds of finely crafted steel in your hands and loaded the .50 caliber 400 grain cartridge, you knew you had something extermely scary in your hands. I’ve shot quite a few guns in my lifetime. Heck, in Alaska we had Kids Gun Fair day or something like that where parents dropped the kids off at the local firing range to shoot guns all day. With all the guns I’ve fired, this by far was the scariest gun I’ve ever held in my hands. Of course, the first shot is always the best and easiest because you have no idea what to expect. My first shot was dead on target, and the gun almost propelled itself out of my hands. The gun range became comparatively quiet after that first boom, and I felt a lot of eyes on my back. They knew somebody wasn’t shooting a dinky 9mm. The rest of my shots were fired with fear and trembling. By the second shot, I felt exhausted and shaken — literally! — to the core.

After the gun range, we went to the Tap House, a place in Bellevue with 160 beers on tap, and I found my new favorite beer: the Great Divide Oak Aged Imperial Stout. Motor oil dark, molasses thick, and a taste that puts hair on one’s chest (assuming the drinker is a male, I’m not sure what the side effects are for female drinkers).

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the gun show

  1. “For ultimate power and velocity there’s nothing even close to an X-Frame model handgun.”

    I think that says it all. Do you feel like Peter Sellers riding the A-bomb in Dr. Strangelove?

  2. Biggest handgun gun on the civilian market I do believe. Good choice. I do think that the Ruger Super Redhawk .454 snub will shake body from soul more than the S&W .500, but that is simply because its lighter. The .500 blasts out at something like 2500 ft. lbs, whereas the .454 is right around 2000. Both are quite fun.

    Shooting guns is always a fun way to spend any day.

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