Technology and How I Learned to Cope with Mild Annoyance

So, when I broke comments the other day in a last ditch effort to stem the tide of comment spams I was getting, it didn’t work. Somehow the spammers were exploiting a flaw or weakness in WordPress to put comments straight into my databases, bypassing any obvious php mechanism. At least that’s my somewhat informed analysis is. At the very least, they still were able to spam me to hell and back even with all my comments related php files removed. In laymen’s terms: I managed to make my comments available only to spammers. I can’t tell you how frustrating this was and is. It’s frustrating not only because I have deal with deleting all the spams, but I can’t bear the fact that these spammers are sucking up bandwidth and server horsepower to post their crap. And believe me, it’s crap. Some of the comment spam is extremely sick. Want proof that man is evil by nature? Exhibit A is my comment spam. Case closed. Anyway, the good news is that it seems the WordPress update plugged the holes because comment spam has dropped from hundreds a day to less than 10 a day. I can handle that.

Recently, I seem to be flooded with technologically related problems. I commisserate with Jeremiah and his recent torments. I know that feeling caused by the corruption of a key file or the sudden death of hard drive. It’s a sick feeling, spawning deep in the stomach. Unrepeatable oaths are often muttered, muted as the astonishment sucks the breath out of you. For me it’s not just that my laptop’s hard drive gave up the ghost without even a death rattle, but a bunch of other issues. I won’t bore you by listing out all the technical problems in my life right now, so suffice it to say I’m in no technological Garden of Eden.

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