Double augh. Now I have to plunk down an “attractive” amount of money to get the original version of Star Wars, the true Star Wars that takes place in the universe in which Han does indeed shoot first. Mr. Lucas is lucky I’m not the violent type. Very lucky.

7 thoughts on “Augh

  1. There is also the version where Jabba the Hut reveals that he is indeed Han Solo’s father. That should be coming out here sometime next year. Better hold onto that wad of cash for that. Sheesh.

  2. Steve, I am confused. You stat that you are excited becuase you are getting the Star Wars in which Greedo does indeed shoot first. I think you need to explain yourself young man.

  3. Yeah, I’m with Jared on this, Han shooting first is what makes the original awesome. Greedo shooting first is weak and altered.

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