Rotten Apples

My laptop’s hard drive decided to get ultra-corrupted this morning. Nothing fixes it. Not fsck, not disk utility, and not Diskwarrior, which is completely worthless software. The only thing I have left to do is zero the drive and reinstall OS X. The problem is I’m not sure if I have any valuable data on the drive that I don’t want to lose. Of course, it’s pretty much lost already . . . good point, Steve.

I don’t know how I do it, but I have the worst luck with hard drives. I just got my tower’s hard drive issues figured out and now my laptop decides to explode.

4 thoughts on “Rotten Apples

  1. :crap:I thought these ‘puters were ‘spose to make things more convenient and save us time.
    I guess in a perfect word they do, but. . . . . in reality I’m not sure we come out ahead at all.

  2. I once had a CD actually explode into a million shards inside a computer once. I was listening to some music off of it while I did some homework and suddenly the music stopped, I heard a sickly “whirring” noise followed by a sizeable “kaboom!” It was inside one of those Dell desktops where the moniter sits on top of the “tower,” and the whole apparatus jumped up off the desk about an inch or two. The face blew off of the CD drive. When I pried open the drive, tons of little CD pieces flowed out like confetti. It was bizzare.

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