Hello, Friday

Anybody ever watch Dragnet? Man, that was a good show. Joe Friday always turned down gifts of thanks for a job well done with a gentle yet firm, “Just doing my duty, ma’am.” See, that’s why I could never be a cop. I can’t pass up free stuff. Well, I can. I pass up free junk mail all the time. And what about Square One’s Dragnet spoof, Mathnet? Good times. Monday wasn’t as cool as Friday, but she was pretty cool. Of course, this reflects the work week too. Mondays are never cooler than Fridays. Ever.

Another work week down. If I retire at 65, I have roughly 2090 more work weeks left to go, assuming I never take a vacation. That’s a lot of working to do. Remember what Solzhenitsyn said, “Work is what horses die of.” Something of which to be mindful as we toil with the cursed ground, struggling against the thorns and thistles. Fortunately for me, the earth I till is in the realm of the cyber and my thorns are few. Work is going very well, and I’m quite happy with where I’m at these days. To think a year ago I was suffering through the final weeks of first year law school. Looking back on that experience now, it’s like a vague nightmare.

I have fleshed out a more substantial “philosophical” post in my mind, I hope to get it down on cyberpaper sometime tomorrow, but for now I don’t have too much to say except hi.

I dare you to have a better weekend than me. Double dog dare you.

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